The Land Project


A reference resource for relevant and inspirational things pertaining to buying land and building our own houses off-grid.
Design, build, cultivate, make, create life.

From the March/April issue of Natural Home & Garden

A Place of My Own is a good read about one man’s journey to learning how to build his own place. 

Tiny Tiny Houses: or How to Get Away From It All

Instructions and inspiration on small dwellings.

Tiny Homes Simple Shelter has much, much reference of cob houses and other alternative off-grid dwellings.

Rob Roy (who wrote Mortgage Free) said Finding & Buying Your Place in the Country is the only book you need.

Mortgage Free is all about building your own house out of recycled or alternative building materials. We got our copy at the local public library.

- William Morris (via magicalrealisms)


I love San Francisco. The SFPUC has a rainwater harvesting subsidy program that I recently took advantage of just in time for the 24-hour downpour that just ended. Actually, the rain barrel filled up within a few hours. I’m headed back to The Urban Farmer Store to pick up another barrel this week. The subsidy covers multiple barrels. I plan to use the water for the garden, for rinsing the wetsuits and paint brushes, and for anything else I can think of. If anyone has ideas let me know! 

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